Welcome to BMAP!

Welcome to BMAP! This site is a repository for the annotations of Borrelia burgdorferi. Please use the search bar on the left hand side to search for specific genes, or plasmids.

The MatchPTRC term describes how well the terms matched; briefly, Match indicates this term was found in the PATRIC database, PARTIAL indicates that the gene was modified using a given known gene, and BESTGUESS indicates that this entry was manually modified and curated using a given known gene. A full description of the methods is available here.

The adjusted-pvalue field indicates a pvalue using multiple hypothesis testing with the BH method.

The Log2FC field indicates the Log2 Fold Change value obtained from the Differential Gene Expression experiment.

A value of NA for p-value, Log2FC, or adjusted-pvalue indicates there was no statistically significant difference in expression for that gene.

Borrelia burgdorferi: